The Charleston Forum to Kick Off 5th Annual Events with Conversations on Newly Released Community Survey Data

Tri-County superintendents will participate in upcoming webinar to discuss how the public school districts will spend the $500 million of federal funds to be received over the next 3 years

Charleston, S.C. [6/18/2021] – The Charleston Forum has a big month planned as it kicks off the “Education Webinar Series” with two webinars in June as the beginning of the annual programming.


On Tuesday, June 22nd at 1:30 pm, Moderator Dr. Terry Peterson and host John C. Read will be joined by the superintendents and board chairs of each school district in the tri-county area for a panel discussion in which they will talk about their spending intentions for the next three years.


Our leaders have an opportunity to change our educational systems in ways that will address the disparity in success that statistics show separates many children of color and children in poverty from other children – a disparity only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the discussion is to explore policy proposals that are available with the anticipated federal funding and which could address this longstanding problem.


The panelists include:

Charleston County School District:

  • Gerrita Postlewait, CCSD Superintendent
  • Dr. Eric Mack, CCSD School Board Chair

Berkley County School District:

  • Deon Jackson, BCSD Superintendent-Designate
  • David Barrow, BCSD School Board Chair

Dorchester County School District 2:

  • Joseph R. Pye, DCSD 2 Superintendent


Keeping the ball rolling, The Forum will continue the Education Conversation on Friday, June 25 with a webinar focused on the critical needs of each education level. The panelists will be asked to propose solutions and examples that prove their efficacy.


Webinar registration is open to the public at:


About the Moderator

Dr. Terry K. Peterson is director of the Afterschool and Community Learning Network. He is also Board Chair for the After School Alliance and is senior fellow for policy and partnerships at the College of Charleston. He serves on the executive committee of the National Center for Summer Learning at John Hopkins University, the Council for Corporate and School Partnerships, and the Mayor of Charleston’s School Reform Committee. Dr. Peterson served as the chief education advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education for eight years and served as chief education advisor to Gov. Richard Riley in South Carolina.


About The Charleston Forum

The goal of The Charleston Forum is to facilitate movement from our shared moment following the Mother Emanuel massacre. The Forum seeks to harness our community’s realization of the need for and power of unity and to leverage the nation’s identity with Charleston. The Forum seeks to create a safe space and greater interest in open discussion, promotes understanding of different views, and shares ideas for progress. The Forum strives for Charleston and South Carolina to be recognized as leaders in addressing racial issues.