Armed with Results from the Second Community Survey, The Charleston Forum Announces Event Targeting Education

CHARLESTON, SC [June 1, 2021] – The Charleston Forum announces its first community discussion of 2021 will take place on June 22, 2021 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The upcoming virtual event will focus on education. The Charleston Forum is eager to continue with their open conversations surrounding race and social justice. You can register for the event at


The kick-off event will be moderated by Dr. Terry Peterson and will feature panelists from various areas of public education. The conversation will include the discussion of education related survey results and topics like school funding and an equity lens on South Carolina public education.


After the June 22 event, the survey results will be released in its entirety with three more events being held throughout 2021 that will focus on policing and criminal justice, economics, policing and the future of the past.


“In our survey last year, The Charleston Forum demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of tri-county residents share the same goals in our topic areas, including education, policing and criminal justice,” said Charleston Forum CEO Brian Duffy. “With the new survey results and discussion this year, we will demonstrate which policies the community thinks will help us best achieve those goals.”


Since its founding in 2015, the Charleston Forum has facilitated conversations focused on education, economics, policing and criminal justice, and the future of the past, each of which presents issues defined by race. The Forum encourages Charleston residents to attend and contribute their thoughts in its upcoming events.


Following the event addressing education, the Forum will tackle policing and criminal justice later this summer.


About The Charleston Forum

The Charleston Forum is a community project that strives to provide a dialogue on race that moves the conversation forward, with no pre-set agenda but with a common purpose.  The Charleston Forum began in 2016 as a group of local political, business, educational and religious leaders who wanted to provide an outlet to discuss race across many different topics. The Forum has received significant collective support from Charleston leaders including Mayor John Tecklenburg, former Mayor Joe Riley, Reverend Joe Darby and many others.