The Charleston Forum Hosts 4th Annual Event

Results from The Charleston Forum’s tri-county survey on racial attitudes will be discussed


CHARLESTON, SC – This June marks the five year anniversary of the Mother Emanuel tragedy in which nine African Americans were killed during Bible study in Charleston, S.C. The Charleston Forum began in 2016, and each year has held a Forum to discuss racial issues within the community. As The Charleston Forum is gearing up for its fourth annual event, racial issues are being discussed at a national level. Once again, here we are. Well-intentioned people understand changes need to be made to address problem of race but do not know where to start.


The Charleston Forum has rolled up its proverbial sleeves to find out. Join The Charleston Forum for its virtual online Forum on Sunday, June 14 at 2:00 p.m.


“I am honored to be a part of this important discussion on racial issues facing Charleston and our state,” said Dr. Josie White, teacher at S.C. Whitmore School and the Teacher of the Year for the S.C. Public Charter School District. “These are confusing times, and we need to navigate how to move forward together. After all, we are all in this together.”


White will be among four other panelists to include Dr. Bernard Powers with the College of Charleston, Dr. Geoffrey Alpert with the University of South Carolina, K.J Kearney with Charleston County School District and Brian Hicks with the Post and Courier. John Simpkins, President of MDC, will be the moderator of the discussion.


The Charleston Forum and the panelists will be examining the results of the Forum’s tri-county survey on racial attitudes largely in the areas of Education, Economics, Policing and Criminal Justice, the Future of the Past, and building a platform for action.


“We have to learn, re-learn and continue learning how to approach racial issues within our community,” said Brian Duffy with The Charleston Forum. “We strive for Charleston and South Carolina to be recognized as leaders in addressing racial issues and as a community that refuses to allow June 17, 2015 at Mother Emanuel to become just another historical marker.”


Leading up the June event, The Charleston Forum has hosted online conversations with guest speakers Congressman Jim Clyburn, Stacey Abrams, Senator Tim Scott and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.


About The Charleston Forum

Born out of the tragedy at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church, The Charleston Forum began in 2016 as a group of local political, business, educational and religious leaders who wanted to provide an outlet to discuss race across many different topics. The Charleston Forum is a community project that strives to provide a dialogue that moves the conversation forward, with no pre-set agenda but with a common purpose.