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Empowering through Understanding

Education is a touchstone for all areas that the Charleston Forum focuses on. It has everything to do with how people are treated and how they can use knowledge to push for change.

How We Help

The community in and around Charleston widely believes in providing excellent education to everyone. Our role is to highlight how people can support education and assist kids that are in more need of help than others.

The Charleston Forum wants to ensure that everyone is able to start on an adequate playing field, if they are going to have a chance to succeed. A proper education is the first step in setting up a successful future.

Education means more than just schooling. We want to inform the community of the issues of society around them and the injustices happening quietly. The power to make change comes only when everyone knows what is happening to others.

Competing proposals to fix education can be confusing and can push people away, who want to help. We aim to inform the public in a way that allows for debate and never stifles conversation. This isn’t about picking a side; it’s about allowing voices to be heard.

The pandemic has altered schooling in a way we’ve never seen before. With government funds being provided to help schools adapt, the public needs to know what is going on in their school system. Parents need to be empowered to play a role in choosing how that money gets spent on helping their children.

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Charleston Forum kicking off 2021 series with education panel

The Charleston Forum will hold the first discussion of its 2021 event series June 22, a virtual panel addressing challenges and possible improvements in public education.

Results from the group’s annual survey will also be released next week, focusing on policy issues around policing and criminal justice, economics and other social justice issues.

“In our survey last year, The Charleston Forum demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of tri-county residents share the same goals in our topic areas, including education, policing and criminal justice,” said Charleston Forum CEO Brian Duffy. “With the new survey results and discussion this year, we will demonstrate which policies the community thinks will help us best achieve those goals.”