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  • "The disparities that exist are not by accident, they're by design."

    - Michael B. Moore, President and CEO, International African American Museum

  • "Until we get to that point where all of us are able to listen to each other, engage with each other, work with each other... that's how we begin to change communities, to change families so they can see success."

    - Paris Dennard, Director of Strategic Communications, Thurgood Marshall College Fund

  • "Too many of our students are in schools that are still considered racially identifiable."

    - Faith River James, Assistant Provost for Leadership, The Citadel

  • "The starting block is ensuring that every school in the four districts here, and certainly Charleston County, has a world-class principal, has an instructional leader leading highly qualified teachers, setting high expectations for students."

    - John Read, CEO, Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

  • "We need to link arms, get serious, support our teachers and say thank you to our teachers."

    - Cindy Ambrose, Deputy Superintendent, Charleston County School District

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Born out of honor for the victims of the 2015 Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting, The Charleston Forum is an open and honest discussion on race and the ways in which our community can move forward together.

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